Music Extravaganza Night is an annual event which showcases the depth of musical talent across the College.

We held our 2016 Music Extravaganza on Thursday the 23rd of June. It was a night filled with great music, amazing people, and scrumptious food!

We decided to add some sparkle to the night by inviting students to busk before the evening started as well as during interval, and this really set the mood for the event! We also had a handful of soloists perform throughout the night as part of the proceedings. This really allowed students to display their God-given talents in different settings outside of the usual large ensemble performances we had lined up.

The students have really stepped up this year with their level of dedication to their musical art, and this was very evident as the night proceeded.

Thank you to all the students who have participated in any way for this event as musicians, singers, stage hands, and ushers. To all the parents and guardians, thank you for being so supportive of this night by bringing them into rehearsals, encouraging them, and being there that night for them! To all the teachers and tutors, thank you for your dedication and hard work throughout the year to bring them to where they are at now!