The College Chaplains provide pastoral care support for all members of the College community. The College has two full-time Chaplains.

Referrals for students to engage in formal one to one counselling appointments come via teachers, parents or the students themselves. For Primary aged students parents are required to sign a referral form for ongoing one to one pastoral counselling appointments. All appointments are made through the Chaplains.

Other areas where the College Chaplains are involved are:

Coordinating outreach into the College
Organising special events such as the Mother Daughter evening and Dads' and Lads events
Contributing to class devotions

Janine Rule

Ms Janine Rule is one of the College Chaplains and has a background of pastoral care extending over twenty years in both church based and chaplaincy setting.

Janine feels called and committed to the support of learning and growing in Christian community that encourages young people into adulthood with a deep connection in their faith, launching them into the fullness of the life God has prepared for them. She believes in the advocacy and support required to help students and their families navigate their lives, counting it a privilege to walk with them in the various seasons that life brings.

Janine has three daughters that have all attended the College and has previously served on the school board, enjoying a long affiliation with Kingsway Christian College.

Luke Wiseman

Mr  Luke Wiseman is the male Chaplain at the College and is partly funded by the Australian Government Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations under the National School Chaplaincy and Student Welfare Programme.

Luke is excited about this chapter in his life. Previously a Youth Pastor & Chaplain he is continuing his God given gifts and passion to help young people through their triumphs and struggles as Chaplain here at Kingsway.

Luke loves Kingsway and he is grateful for the impact that the school had in his life when he was a student here from K - 12. He hopes all students can experience all that the school has to offer and that he can have an incredible impact on the lives of the students at the College.